Welcome to BuiltWithDart

On this site you will find a showcase of some of the great applications that you can build with Google’s Dart language.
Dart (aka dartlang) is a structured, class based, object orientated programming language for building web applications.
While it runs on both the client and the server, this website is primarily concerned with browser based applications (although they may have a server component written in Dart).


All the demos linked to on this site are written in Dart, which is then compiled to JavaScript. While they should work in all modern browsers, the Dart => JavaScript converter has been through some iterations since the early examples were built. If you have problems running the examples, try using Chrome in the first instance.


Most of the applications listed contain links to their source code - contact the developer for more information.
In most instances, I’ve tried to credit the developer, and prvide a Google+ link. If you find your work on this site and you are not credited correctly, then contact me!

Tell us your story

If your app is Built With Dart, tell us your story. We want to know about it. Please use the contact page in and send some screenshots and text about the site. Even better, write up a code walkthrough.

The contact page has a contributors guide to help you get started.